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Who we are

Techies who get business

Does your software work hard enough for you? Perhaps you have big dreams for your organisation but feel frustrated by a legacy system that holds you back. Maybe your own development team is too busy with a backlog of bug-fixes to build new features. We get it. At Scoot we believe software should solve problems, not create more of them. We’d love to talk about yours.

What we do

We listen, we advise, we get stuff done

It’s our combination of astute advice and development drive that makes the Scoot difference to our clients. We are a UK-based team of engineers with a wealth of software experience in sectors including e-commerce, healthcare, finance and e-learning. We offer lateral thinking and unexpected solutions to give you competitive advantage.

Our specialty is PHP and we’re able to take on projects of all sizes; from building applications from scratch to minor feature development in existing systems. We can even just help you out with day-to-day work when you’re busy but don’t want to scale up your own team.

Our engineers work remotely so you don’t need to give us desks or cups of tea. We are nimble, responsive, and really tear through the work. If you’re used to development projects that plod along, get ready for a gear-change.


First-class code

We understand best practice development methodologies and how to apply those to real-life situations. Our code is robust and transparent to ensure your software is as future-proof as possible.

Team integration

Your in-house team knows your systems backwards but we can bring fresh insight to the table. Let us collaborate with your people to get the very best result for your business.

We legacy!

We have a way with legacy systems; in fact, you could say they are the Scoot specialty. Let us help you take control of your mature software projects and give you a strategy for taking them forwards.

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